For my  research, teaching, and mentoring, I have been named an AZWatts Influencer for "changing the narrative and having positive impact in the public services professions" at ASU's Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions. Listen here to my podcast interview with ASU's Inclusive Design for Equity and Access (IDEA). 


As a college professor, I am committed to teaching analytical tools to diverse students for addressing pressing public policy problems as researchers and practitioners. The flow of information between science, policy, and society-at-large must occur both inside and outside the classroom and in formats that are accessible to students. 

I am delighted to be awarded the 2021-22 Distinguished Teaching Award by the ASU School of Public Affairs at Watts College of Public Service & Community Solutions. This is my second teaching award; I was also a recipient of the 2016-17  Distinguished Teaching Award

At ASU, I regularly teach microeconomics of public policy to Master of Public Policy and Master of Public Administration students. Moreover, I have designed and taught an ASU Online course on economics and public policy to both traditional and non-traditional college students at ASU and across the country and the world.

In 2021-22, I taught PAF 201 (Economics & Public Policy) and PAF 504 (Microeconomics of Public Policy) at ASU.


Aside from my teaching pursuits, I also advise and mentor junior scholars and Ph.D., master's, and undergraduate students through the School of Public Affairs and other academic units at ASU and beyond. Outside of ASU, I am a faculty mentor for the AERE Scholars Program, APPAM Mentor Matching Program, and the ISA-ESS Mentoring Week, respectively.

If you are interested to  work with me as a student or postdoc, please visit my Research page and contact me.

Photo by Joseph Huang.